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Dear Angel Maxi

I graduated from Puppy school today.  I hope you are proud of me.  I'm trying to follow in you footsteps.  I know that your Mother was my GG Grandmother and I feel a sprinkling of you in me.  I think I look a bit like you. Maxmom sends lotsaluv.



Maxdog was my friend.  He taught me to not give up when the going gets rough.  Max taught me how important it is to look for the sun rays instead of the storm clouds. Max never worried and I want to be just like him. I want to have the courage to face obstacles that get in my way and look at them as  challenges just like Max.

 Max taught me to love everyone and to accept everyones differences. 

And one last thing,,,, Max believed in dreams,,,,one of Max's dreams was that everyone live in peace.

That is my wish too.

I miss Max. I miss his wisdom, I miss his friendship

 But, I know he lives in the hearts of all of us, who loved him.  And, I loved Max so much.


Ginger Jasper
I came to visit Max dog later than others and came from a friends to send some healing purrs. I came to love Max dog and visiting him, and felt through your wonderful blog that I knew Max. He fought so bravely to stay here with you and showed all of us just how powerful is the "power of the paws" I think Max will be remembered for a very long time to come. I know I will always think fondly of the dog that brought a world together to unite in Max's cause.. With love GJ and Carol x
Seeing the outpouring of love for you and your mom as your crossing approached fully opened my eyes to the love in the dog blog world. Both of you are so special - so it's fitting that you taught me about the true spirit of this world of bloggers. You were a very lucky dog, Max, to share such a deep bond with your mom. Not many dogs have the chance to feel that depth of bond. Please watch over your mom, Toby, and Tammie from the Bridge. You taught them so much in how you lived your life. We miss you, MaxDog.
Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Maxdog was such a wonderful dog, we looked forward to our arrival at work each morning to see what Maxdog was up to in his part of the world.  His duty as a travel guide for your country helped us learn so much!  I am truly amazed myself at the "Power of the Paw", there are such wonderful people out in this world and we are glad to have experienced Maxdog's life with Maxmom.  While I know Maxdog is missed terribly we look forward to following your new journeys with Toby.  Max is watching over you now and saying...good choice Mom on picking Toby.  Run free sweet Maxdog.


Denise & Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

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